Private Residence

The rural scenery

The residence is located in a deserted olive grove of Aegina, on the large plain between the mountain named Dendron and the sea. In this wild landscape, the residence becomes part of the rural scenery, of the rural life, as if a unique geological formation that unexpectedly emerges from amongst the olives. The solid walls create solid volumes, composed of local limestone and colored concrete, embracing the living quarters and organizing life on the plot around a set of outdoor spaces.

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On entering the site, an unexpected presence of water in the landscape leads the visitor along a Mediterranean walk, between the clusters of olive trees, until the main entrance of the house is revealed as a sculptural gap in the solid mass of the building. Passing from the entrance, one enters the living and dining areas, where the free plan and the large openings provide a feeling of continuity between the outdoor spaces and the interior of the house.

The need for the building to function both as a main residence and as a holiday home for hospitality played an important role in the organization of its rooms. The master bedroom is placed opposite to the rest of the bedrooms, so that it enjoys privacy while maintaining direct contact with the living quarters. The master bedroom also enjoys a private courtyard, where the natural elements of water and fire are combined.

We envisaged that this stone residence in Aegina, with its expressionistic detailing and its earthy form, would continuously surprise whoever lived there, and the same for their visitors, in making them discover again the beauty and preciousness of simplicity.

Location:Aegina, Greece
Stage: Under Construction
Architects:Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris