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“Dialogue House”

Naxos, 1st of December 2019,

Driving up the hill, leaving behind the sea and the village of Biblos, between olive groves and clover fields, at the end of the rugged road, the “Korredes” estate was revealed for the first time.

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The landscaped plateaus of the field were the last trace of human activity in the area as the mountain complex of Naxos began to develop behind it. 
The two plateaus are developing linearly, with a small depth on the North-South axis and with the western side parallel to the sea view, the village of Biblos and Paros. The boundaries of the eastern part, indistinguishable from the dense vegetation, create a visual continuity with the mountain, where the golden green planting leaves way for the view to continue into the sky.

The concept idea for “Dialogue house” is inspired from the unique morphology of the landscape. The house is placed as a landmark in the “cycladic garden” conceived as an architecture that is in and of the greater landscape. A linear white wall creates a base that protrudes towards the horizon and then fades smoothly back into the soil. On this manmade base rests the house with its cubic volums creating a sculptural form. The simple form sets its back against the upper northwest corner of the site to buffer the harsh and predominantly northwest winds of meltemia.  In turn, the south and east walls open up to harness the domestic view of the sea and the mountain. 

Location:Vivlos, Naxos
Architects:Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris