Le Grand Bleu

Naxos Greece

A clean white line on the landscape.

Taking inspiration from traditional Cycladic housing, in which settlements have developed in close relation to the ground, to the natural landscape, and to road and water ways, Le Grand Bleu is formed from a dynamic and dramatic line drawn along its site.

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This line defines the orientation of the complex, and forms the zones by which the villa’s needs are organized, and where areas of repose and recreation are made possible. The complex does not follow a strict geometric pattern, but rather follows the natural shape of the landscape, taking in its distinctive characteristics. The concept of the villa is completed with the inclusion of a cuboid structure, echoing the ‘Cycladic unit’, and existing in harmony with the natural flow of the landscape.

The design of the residence.

The abstract line organizes the complex over three levels, the middle area being the main area of the villa, and the lower level housing the two guest rooms, thus providing maximum privacy to all. Entrance to the villa is provided at the upper level, in close proximity to the road. From here a small outdoor path allows a lively walk through the site, providing an immediate experience of the topology of the landscape, and taking in expansive views of the sea, the mountain, and the city. The gradual descent opens up a breathtaking view of the house and its surroundings, until the white abstract line eventually is incorporated into the complicated incline levels of the land – that same incorporation offering the extra advantage of maximizing the bio-climatic attributes of the complex throughout the year.

The indoor area.

Entering the indoor area of the villa, there is a clear view of the living room. The dining area stands on a higher level than the living room, to the rear and providing a clear view of the horizon. An in-wall fireplace is featured, with the rock staircase and the small backyard blending into the background. To the right is a view of the internal geometry of the main staircase; thereafter the kitchen and a brightly lit corridor lead to the more private areas of the villa. The arrangement of the bedrooms is such that every room shares the same unique view of the landscape and the outdoor areas. It was also important every room should be spacious, with sufficient storage and a private restroom and bathroom, while also being well lit and airy. This is achieved through atria that bring natural sunlight inside the house.

Location: Naxos, Greece
Size: 290sqm
Architects:Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris, Filippos Tsoulogiannis – Nikolaou
Construction: Veronis Jakobsen Development Construction