Cave Houses

Stelida, Naxos

The new residential complex is located in the western lush green slopes of Stelida on Naxos. The plot runs perpendicular to the inclination of the slope reaching down to the rocky shore. The tranquility of the area is interrupted solely by the sounds of the crashing waves; while in the evening magnificent sunsets make the unique setting even more idyllic.

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Aiming to achieve the best possible integration of the structure on the site without disturbing the existing harmony, the residences do not follow the usual cubic form of the Cycladic houses which makes them stand out in the land. Instead, the proposal develops subterranean, deferring to the admirable landscape.

The design uses the precedent of earth-retaining stone walls to create a landscape that is both rural and domestic. Sturdy stone walls create the linear facades of the residences and further form the atriums to each house, that provide light permeability, ventilation as well as some more private green patios to each room.

The natural planting fully recovers over the roofs of the complex, making it disappear and restores the slope to its original state. The typical Cycladic forest with is short herbs, shrubs, incredible biodiversity and enticing smells flows over the roofs of the residences whose mass is imperceptible, blended with the broader topography of the island. The continuity of the landscape is maintained and the effective integration of the complex is achieved.

Location:Stelida, Naxos Greece
Architecture:DESYPRI & MISIARIS ARCHITECTURE in collab with Valantis Matsakas
Archtecture team:Aristeidis Misiaris, Ira Desypri, Valantis Matsakas, Danae Tselou
3d visualization:Cadmokeys