endocrinology clinic5

Endocrinology Clinic

Glyfada, Athens Greece

Our intention.

The clinic is located in a busy shopping area, beside a large shopping centre in Glyfada, one of the suburbs of Athens, Greece. The site that we were called on to renovate into an endocrine centre was a neglected store, with a 4 metre high glass facade and a linear plan providing a total area of 60m2. The intention of our design was to make the new function stand out from the massive building it is part of, and thereby to announce its presence in the area.

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Our design aimed to give a sense of depth to the clinic, while at the same time creating a new facade that would meet the need for privacy inside. To retain the human scale, white volumes are created within the interior space. White lines and white surfaces unfold and form the reception area and the dietetic examination room, and are continued in the furniture and the pergola. The effect is to achieve a transition zone between the waiting area and the main medical office. The colour white plays its own soothing role in reducing the tense psychology of the patient. Between the white surfaces, however, elements such as a natural wood wall and a rough cement mortar are used to degrade the white uniformity, and to define the areas of service. The light that reflects and builds on the white surfaces flows through the volume and completes the calm atmosphere of the clinic.

Location: Glyfada, Attica
Size: 60sqm
Year: 2017
Architects:Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris
Photographer : George Dimitrakopoulos