House in Kastraki

“One could listen to the rhythmic sounds of waves bursting on the beach, the stubble shaking, the soil ruffling with the wind. The light was silver and vertical, there were no shadows. There, in this generous opening, all the views to the sea, Paros and even further stretch unobstructively”.

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The location of the project, the environment, the light, the energy and the landscape are the most important elements of the first approach in the design of this house. The design generates harmonious and balanced spaces by starting with the idea of simplicity, adding details of elegance. The result is a house with open spaces, multiple views and movement flow as if it were a dream, as a new story to be told.  You can enjoy the view to the sea and the pool from the kitchen while at the same time you can steal a glance at the garden and the olive grove. At the end of the corridor the olive tree of the back yard is framed while at the end of the staircase the sea and the sky horizon are framed. In a similar way all the rooms have one or more optical stimuli from outside.

Location:Kastraki, Naxos, Greece
Architecture Team: Aristeidis Misiaris, Ira Desypri
3d Visualization:Cadmonkeys