Residence in Panorama

Voula, Attica Greece

The building follows the horizon.

From the moment of the very first visit to the plot, there was a clear need to design a building whose entire living space would be higher than the street level, thereby enjoying unobstructed views. The lifted form of the building, combined with the overflow pool that reflects the sky, creates a sense of one swinging between the two boundaries of the plot. Two parallel planes of the façade emphasize the relationship of the house to the view and the horizon, while providing a linearity to the mass of the building, despite the narrow frontage of the plot.

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The design of the house.

The morphological characteristics of the composition were originally determined by the strict building regulations of the area (requiring an obligatory open perimeter, no use of reinforced concrete columns, and fixed maximum heights above the natural terrain) – all in addition to the particularities and dimensions of the plot. These constraints, combined with the requirement to maximise the size, have led to a somewhat monolithic architecture. However, the residence retains its monolithic style only in its lateral sides, for reasons of privacy, while its front section opens to the view. There are spaces throughout the building that allow visual contact between the levels. In this way the functional continuity of the residence is felt, while the sense of its size is amplified. Additionally, the open plan allows all areas to enjoy the view.

The organization of the residence

Upon entering the residence, one is at the everyday level. Here the spaces of the living room and the dining room are arranged in an open plan, while the kitchen area is directly connected. The auxiliary spaces are disposed subtly, leaving the rest of the space free. On the first floor of the house are the family sleeping areas. This elevation ends in the two-storey interior patio where the office space is located. Each room enjoys views and has an en suite bathroom. The house also features an attic designed for auxiliary use, and a play area. Below the ground floor is a level that includes the parking space and a second kitchen-sitting area which, due to the slope of the land, is above ground and can be used as an independent apartment. In the basement are all the utilities for the operation of the residence, plus a brightly lit gym and two guest rooms.

Location:Voula, Attica
Architects:Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris